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JINSI Supplies High Quality Expanded Metal Products for Various Applications

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Standard expanded metal, also known as raised expanded metal, is produced by simultaneously slitting and stretching metal sheets or coils. It features a surface of raised diamond-shaped openings. In addition, raised strands form an angle to the original plane of the solid sheet, adding additional strength and rigidity. It also delivers great anti-skid performance. As a result, it has virtually endless applications including road fences, platforms and stair treads, machine guarding, etc.

We can supply a large assortment of standard expanded metal products made of high quality materials including carbon steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, to ensure the best performance and durability of the products. Besides, we can work with you to develop custom expanded metal solutions to fit your specific application through deep communication.


✅ The difference is in the design. Heavy-Duty (Industrial) Gauge .018 100% Aluminum Will Not Rust-Rot or Degrade the Product Itself.
✅ Specifically designed for concealed hangars, but will work with all hangars including K-style hangars - will not void roof warranty, including reinforced roofs!
✅ Designed to handle downpours.
✅ Easy installation with tabs for a seamless connection. 1/2" #8 zip screw required - not included.

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  • One-piece construction steel plate, no welding joint, no loose edge, sturdy and durable structure.
  • Uniform openings allow the free passage of air, light and heat.
  • 3-dimensinoal structure delivers good anti-skid performance and high load capacity.
  • A variety of materials, hole patterns and sizes are available for you to choose from, giving a stunning aesthetic feeling.

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As a leader and innovator in the expanded metal industry, JINGSI offers a broad range of expanded metal products for customers worldwide, including standard expanded metal, flattened expanded metal, expanded metal grating, small hole expanded metal and decorative expanded metal products.


Flattened expanded metal is what results when standard expanded metal is put through a cold rolling steel mill to flatten the expanded metal out. During the rolling process, the expanded metal becomes thinner and longer. As a result, flattened expanded metal his flatter and lighter. In actual applications, flattened expanded metal is mostly used in applications requiring lightweight, flexible expanded metal that offers certain strength and durability, such as shelves, window guards, greenhouse benches and dry safety walls.

Our flattened expanded metal products come in a variety of high quality metal materials, hole patterns and mesh openings to ensure they are perfectly suited to different industrial applications.

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