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Stainless Steel Expanded Metal for Grill Flattened Top Rated Gutter Guards

Short Description:

Stainless steel expanded metal is the most one of practical and economical metal to assure strength and safety. Our product is able to withstand the corrosive atmospheres and harsh elements like grease, oil and cleaning solutions, and it requires very little maintenance.

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Stainless steel expanded metal specifications:

It has a variety of patterns including: standard, flattened, diamond, square, and round, hexagonal, architectural and decorative.

The metal of gauges: opening sizes, materials, sheet sizes and finishes. This expanded metal has the process forms diamond shaped openings in the sheet, allowing for the passage of light, air, heat, and sound.

Stainless steel expanded metal features:

● Durable Easy to install
● Versatile
● Economical
● Low resistance to wind loads

The Metal of Processing:

Stainless steel expanded metal is a finished product came from pressing after having been expanded. Each sheet is expanded in the regular form and then passed through a cold rolled reducing mill. In this process the length of the sheet is elongated, but the width of the sheet remains. The sheet is then sent through a leveler to maintain its flatness.

304 stainless expanded sheet is made from one piece construction metal that won't unravel, even over many years. The strands and bonds of the diamond-shaped trusses add strength and rigidity. We offer stainless expanded sheet stock is in full size and custom cut lengths.

Technical Information

Stainless Expanded Sheet 304 Standard offers a great mix of strength and corrosion resistance in most situations outside of marine environments. If your project is in a marine environment, choose 316 stainless. 304, the most popular stainless alloy in the world, maintains its properties in high temperature situations. It is typically used in aerospace, food and beverage industry, pressure containers, architectural designs and trim, cryogenic applications, and chemical processing equipment.


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